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Ain Dubai – World’s Largest Ferris Wheel Is Opening Soon!

After many months of anticipation, the Ain Dubai is finally opening on October 21, 2021! The massive structure is now alive, tickets are now available online, and soon the visitors will put their foot inside the Dubai Ferris Wheel to witness the breathtaking experience.

Ain Dubai stands for “Dubai Eye”, and designers have stated that its height will reach 230 meters. Well, that’s higher than the London Eye and the Singapore Flyer. Dubai Ferris Wheel is literally setting a new record with that immersive height.

Rotating on the coastline of Jumeirah Beach Residences, Ain Dubai offers a 360-degree view of the world’s most magnificent city. Just imagine how pleasing it will be when you see the beautiful sunset on the top of the wheel. The incomparable view of Dubai, between a majestic skyline and a renowned coastal resort, will surely delight your eyes which can make your holiday worthwhile!

Everything You Need to Know About Ain Dubai

What is Ain Dubai?

Dubai has a reputation for breaking world records. It has got the tallest building, Burj Khalifa, the highest dancing fountains, biggest indoor ski slope, Ski Dubai, the largest shopping mall, The Dubai Mall and now they have focused on creating a new history with the world’s largest Ferris wheel – Ain Dubai.

This attraction of Dubai has around twice the height of the London Eye and has 48 cabins. Visitors can enjoy a sprawling view from Bluewaters Island to Dubai marina, from Palm Jumeirah to Burj Al Arab and Burj Khalifa too. This megaproject took a budget of 6 billion AED (2 billion US Dollars) and around 9,000 tons of steel.

Where is Ain Dubai?

Ain Dubai is located in the Bluewaters Island, and there is the bridge that connects the island to the mainland from Sheikh Zayed Road. Visitors can also reach the place by a 15 minutes walk to Jumeirah Beach Residence’s pedestrian bridge. Due to its wise location choice, it will offer a stunning view from Bluewaters, Palm Jumeirah, and JBR.

Opening Hours of Ain Dubai

The tallest observation wheel in the world will remain open from 12 pm to 10 pm every day. Each rotation will take up to 38 minutes, where you will get plenty of time to enjoy the views. However, the visitors are advised to arrive 60 minutes before the ticket time so that they can prepare themselves for the trip. A standard view cabin of Ain Dubai can take up to 40 guests, but due to the pandemic, this capacity will be reduced to 7 or 10.

Restaurants of Ain Dubai

Ain Dubai has everything you need so, no need to take food and drinks from outside. Food and beverages are available in the café, concessions, and the Seaview Lounge. Visitors can also pre-order their preferred platters and drinks that can be consumed inside the cabin.

Cabins of Ain Dubai

The Dubai Ferris Wheel is 48 high-tech cabins that are categorized into three different types: observation cabins, social cabins, and private cabins. Each cabin has its own amenities they are highlighted below:

Observation Cabins

These are mainly shared cabins available throughout the day and night. But its main attraction is the special sunset rides. The ride lasts for 38 minutes, and it can be shared with your family, friends, or loved ones with a pass option.

Social Cabins

The social cabin offers more than just an admiring view. These cabins are designed like a VIP lounge with a bar in the centre of the pod. With Lounge Plus Ticket, you will get access to the VIP lounge and one house beverage. The Vibes Plus Ticket will allow you to roam the pod and enjoy two drinks from the bar. But remember, it is for 21s only. For more luxury, you can switch to the Premium option. Along with a luxurious private cabin and three drinks, it will also provide you with an F&B after the trip.

Private Cabins

Want to celebrate a birthday, engagement, wedding, business function in the Dubai Eye? Then book the private cabin for any of your celebrations. These cabins are available with a range of options, namely a private three-course dinner throughout two rotations of the wheel.

 Ain Dubai Ticket Prices

The price of the observation cabins’ regular tickets is 130 AED for adults and 100 AED for kids. During the sunset, the price increases to 180 and 150 AED. A family pass of two adults and two kids is available at 370 AED. The tickets that include snacks are priced at 450 AED.

The social cabins have three different passes. A lounge plus pass in a shared cabin is available at 175 AED. But when you switch to the premium pass at 380 AED, you will get a premium cabin and a welcome drink. The vibes plus tickets, which are only available for 21s, can be found at 200 AED with house drinks.

The private cabin can be booked for up to 10 people. If you want to get an authentic experience of the Dubai Ferris Wheel, we recommend booking a private cabin. The Ain Dubai Club package during the sunset and prime times can be booked at 1,800 AED. With the price starting from 4,700 AED, the Ain Dubai Plus package offers mocktails, sparkling, bubbly options, and more.

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