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Every love story is beautiful, but yours should be unique.

The world is your oyster. And Qrated World knows how to open it. Whether it’s a honeymoon for 2, or a weekend for 20, Qrated World loves a challenge. We like to surprise. We’re miles away from cookie cutter, and over the top is our middle name. See, for us it’s all about the personal touch and making the day all about the two of you with your favourite people being there on the big day. So whether you are celebrating 2 or 200, we can make it truly memorable for all.

Qrated World is the new way to celebrate this big milestone in your relationship. With access to thousands of handpicked hotels across the globe, exclusive access to the most luxurious experiences and a team of handpicked advisors on deck to make your anniversary one you will be talking about for years to come.

We specialise in Anniversary celebrations and we want to inspire you to celebrate your occasion and make it memorable. Whether you are celebrating for 2 or 200 let us blow you away with our suggestions.

We are the go-to folk for couples wishing to mark an occasion in style. Whether you’re celebrating the anniversary of your first date or the golden wedding anniversary of your parents, Qrated can help make that special day one you’ll never forget.

At Qrated we understand the struggle that is a memorable celebration. Through our website and our concierge events team we will make sure that your anniversary is one to remember and that you are left with a smile on your face for the next year.

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