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Best Water Experiences in Dubai with Exclusive Yachts And Catamarans

What better way to experience the true beauty of Dubai than from the gleaming waters, in the lavish yachts, speedboats, and catamarans, the luxury of the Qrated World. Take a break from the bustle of your busy daily routine, sit back, and get immersed in the serenity of the water. Or let the adrenaline wash away your worries with our water adventure packages. Some of the most popular are listed as follows:

The More, The Merrier

  1. Sail Into the Sunset of Dubai With Sushi & Sake Pairing-

For a sunset dinner cruise in Dubai, board the elegant 52-foot boat. Stop at JBR for a brief dip and a traditional Sushi & Sake platter while taking in the breathtaking views of Dubai’s famed landmarks.

This is your chance to cruise the stunning Dubai Marina in a luxurious double-deck yacht. While enjoying a selection of sushi platters matched with sake, you will be treated to stunning sunset views of the renowned Dubai Marina. This one-of-a-kind experience will cost AED 699 per participant.

Sushi Platters will be served while traveling at sunset onboard the Royal Majesty. On this 4-hour private sailing tour, you’ll get amazing views of some of Dubai’s most iconic locations, including Sheik Zayed Park, Dubai Marina, The Palm Jumeirah, and more.

This stunning Sunset dinner boat and sushi tour is a great way to see Dubai. While sipping sparkling beverages and rum punch and dining on a choice of fresh sushi platters, take in stunning views of iconic Dubai. On this luxury yacht, enjoy exhilarating water sports. Sailing with Sushi & Sake at Sunset in Dubai is a once-in-a-lifetime experience!

Dubai has something for everyone, from its thrilling skyline to its immaculate beach lines and all in between. You’ll get to see it all from the comfort of our luxurious private yacht. Discover hidden gem eateries and stunning beach lines for a relaxed and memorable day out with friends and family.

This luxury boat cruise for up to 12 people blends speed with comfort, giving the ideal backdrop for casual socializing. The vast interior is tastefully designed in Mediterranean tones and furnished with beautiful wood furnishings for a relaxing atmosphere. You are free to set sail at your leisure, accompanied by your own crew, to take in the sights of Dubai from the ocean.

  1. Private Dining Aboard A Luxury Yacht-

A gastronomy yacht charter for four to six guests, including a sit-down lunch or dinner cooked on board by a private chef. Throughout your lunch, your personal butler will provide you with refreshing drinks and nibbles.

With Dubai Marina as your backdrop, you and your companions will spend four hours cruising and dining on the open seas. Your cuisine is prepared fresh on board with a private chef. The vessel has various levels where visitors may relax and take in the scenery. If anyone wants to take a swim on the way back, this vessel also has its own deck shower.

Amaze your guests with a one-of-a-kind experience on a Yacht Charter, a premium leisure activity. We go above and beyond to provide you with the greatest possible experience, preparing everything so you and your party can sit back, unwind, enjoy, and create lifelong memories together. The minimum and the maximum number of guests allowed on board are four and six respectively.

With the Qrated World experience, you can enter the world of luxury boat dining. This yacht rental is ideal for foodies and those seeking a unique way to see Dubai. Aboard a sleek, lavish charter boat, you will be treated to four hours of gourmet cuisine and the finest cocktails prepared by your personal bartender and provided to you.

Imagine spending the same amount of money on a four-hour luxury boat excursion with a professional chef and butler as you would on a meal at your favorite restaurant. Allow us to create a unique cruise route for you, and if you’re feeling adventurous, don your swimming suit and jump into the water before docking.

You’ll embark on an ocean cruise around Dubai, departing from Dubai Marina and heading out into the open waters. Enough time to go for a swim. Our private chef will prepare cuisine onboard and serve it hot, fresh, and prepared with products picked up from the local market that morning. Our butler will offer drinks from a complete bar that includes everything you want.

Now, That’s A Big Catch!

Catch & Grill Fishing Trip-

The combination of dazzling sun, quiet and calm ocean waves and the soothing sounds of seagulls chirping in the distance calls everyone to the ultimate fishing experience. As a result, fishing in Dubai is the most popular water activity among people from all over the world. This is the experience for you if you want to experience outstanding fishing conditions in the beautiful waters of Dubai.

We’ve designed a 6-hour private deep sea fishing Dubai experience for you to get away from the hustle and bustle of city life and join us onboard for a fantastic fishing adventure. Bring your family and friends along to enjoy some quality time together while fishing and savoring a delicious lunch on the beach.

Dubai’s wonderful fishing experience is no longer a fantasy. Qrated World provides curated services to make your deep sea fishing adventures in Dubai more luxurious. On a 48-foot boat that is well-equipped for the ultimate fishing experience, explore the best fishing sites in Dubai.

Get whisked away on an unforgettable fishing vacation to Dubai. Fishing at the best spots is guaranteed, and the captain will be around to assist you in making the most of the experience. You will enjoy it whether you are an experienced fisherman or a novice.

You can enjoy an exquisite lunch on the boat following a 6-hour exclusive deep fishing trip. The menu includes a wide range of foods as well as soft and alcoholic beverages. You’ll take your catch home and say your goodbyes after eating lunch and napping on the beach.

Get some good vibes while admiring the lovely Dubai from the ocean. Return rested and delightful; you’ll have the opportunity to relax in the tanning beds while listening to music; life is great. Gather your loved ones and take part in this fascinating activity that is full of magical moments.

For The Adrenaline Junkies

Self Drive Boat Experience With A Beachside Lunch-

Do you ever stand in front of the ocean and marvel at how beautiful it is? Now, as the captain of your boat, you can tame the seas for yourself! Isn’t that thrilling? You will be able to drive your own boat along Dubai’s shores as part of this Qrated World experience.

Begin your journey in the lively fishing port before embarking on a journey to experience Dubai’s iconic sights from a unique perspective. Hero OdySea has a reputation for making your marine journeys legendary! This will be no exception.

A luxury car will pick you up from your location and transport you to the site, where a professional escort will take you on a one-of-a-kind one-and-a-half-hour excursion that will allow you to enjoy and capture Dubai’s magnificent beaches, the towering Burj Al Arab, beachside royal mansions and villas, the man-made wonder of The Palm Jumeirah, and the legendary Atlantis Resort.

Driving your own boat with your pack is a lot of fun. It’s exhilarating to cruise full speed without fear of being injured because the boat is swift but safe. The minimum number of people for this premium self-drive boat hero adventure is two; the more, the merrier, as they say. So round up your fun-loving, adventurous companions and embark on a cruise to experience Dubai from the water in all its grandeur.

After your boat ride, a private picnic will be hosted for you and your group at the waterfront to make your boat hero experience even more enjoyable for everyone. Your chauffeured car will drive you to your next location or excursion in Dubai once you’ve completed all of your marine adventures and enjoyed your private lunch.

Dates By The Ocean

Dreamy Picnic Date On A Boat-

Qrated World offers a romantic date evening cruise onboard the Duffy Boats around the stunning Dubai Creek, complete with a luscious picnic for lunch or a sunset supper with a variety of cuisines, allowing you to see the city’s historic creek from the sea. With our private evening cruise package, be enchanted by its shimmering lights and enjoy the beauty of Dubai with your companion.

Take a premium dinner cruise with us on one of our Duffy boats and take in the breathtaking views of Dubai Creek. Duffy is the ideal method to discover Dubai Creek’s stunning surroundings and capture a memory that will last a lifetime.

On this 1.5-hour dinner cruise over Dubai Creek, you may have a meal of your choosing while watching dazzling lights illuminate the skyline from the sea. On a deluxe Duffy Cruise, you can dine in grandeur.

A romantic setting with your own personal captain guiding you across the tranquil waters of Dubai Creek for an unforgettable evening.

Luxury At Its Finest

Exclusive Lagoon Catamaran Cruise-

We are pleased to provide you with the finest luxury catamaran available for day tours. Our opulent catamarans are handcrafted for years of enjoyment, spectacular beauty, exceptional performance, safety, serenity, and dependability. For a private hassle-free day sail on the Dubai waterways, each Lagoon catamaran can easily accommodate 10 people and two crew members. And, courtesy to Qrated World, you can now reserve your boat easily online!

Choose from a variety of activities, such as sunset cruising on the Dubai Creek, supper on one of the world’s top beaches, or a fishing trip on Lagoon. The iconic Lagoon Catamarans are known for their incredible speed and performance. The Lagoon Catamaran provides an unforgettable sailing adventure. It features an immaculate interior cabin and an appealing deck to allow you to experience Dubai from a different perspective.

A catamaran is a fast-moving sailing vessel that glides across the sea like a bird in flight. You may view the horizon while remaining upright thanks to two main hulls spaced at different degrees. Our vessels are known for their remarkable speed, but what sets them different from the competition is that they are designed to be safe, comfy, and simple to maneuver. When you first set sail on a Lagoon boat, you’ll understand how so many people have grown to love this thrilling mode of transportation.

Join the private Lagoon Catamaran for a stunning Dubai sailing adventure. It is a floating luxury home that can accommodate up to 6 people and may be rented for days or even nights. This is one of the few private catamarans available in the Middle East that is both affordable and accessible. This unique boat has an open-plan layout including a dining table and a light, airy saloon that shapes up to make use of all the external space. The interior furnishings’ subtle textures, combined with high-quality materials, create an air of simple elegance.

Delectable Sushi prepared by Michelin Star Chef Paul Pairet, dazzling and still water, fresh juices, and soft drinks are included in your 4-hour charter. During the colder months in Dubai, you will be able to go fishing or simply plunge into the ocean for a brief dip due to the pleasant weather.

Final Words

A cruise on the waters of Dubai definitely is the way to go if you’re in need of unwinding, want a change of scenery, or to simply hang with your gang and squander some fun. Qrated World provides you a wide range of packages to choose from to suit your taste and the occasion. There are packages for laid-back family vacations, fun retreats with friends, and even romantic dates with your beloved. For a smooth sail call us and book your own sea safari tour package and make everlasting memories!

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