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Cancellation & Refunds Policy

  • We reserve the right to cancel any bookings made. In the event of a cancellation, no liability shall fall on us. Monies paid shall be refunded in full to the named charterer.
  • Cancellations will only occur due to bad weather conditions, mechanical failure and satisfactory upgrade options are available. Government authorities’ restrictions and enforcement of new laws prohibiting the activities are included.
  • Cancellation fee retention policy
  • 50% of the booking value will be retained within 48 hrs of the booking time and date.
  • 100% of the booking value retained within 24hrs of the booking time and date.


  • Visa and MasterCard will be accepted in AED currency.
  • Customers under 18 years of age shall not transact business on our website

We reserve the right to charge any dama

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