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Flying Adventures in Dubai- Experience with Qrated

Dubai, bursting with tourist attractions, has long been a popular destination, particularly due to its high-end shopping, ultramodern architecture, and vibrant nightlife scene. The Cosmopolitan Metropolis has the world’s second-highest number of five-star hotels. The Arabian Desert encircles Dubai. The sand and gravel deserts that dominate a large portion of Dubai’s southern region, which is also the country’s primary tourist destination, only adds to the city’s scenery.

Hassle-Free Travel

Travelling by air is convenient and provides a straightforward approach, with Dubai International Airport serving various major airlines, including Emirates Airlines. Many metropolitan areas, including Los Angeles, Mumbai, Paris, and Hong Kong, have direct flights from Dubai. Winter i

s the finest time to visit because the scorching dry region has a relatively milder temperature, making it easier to enjoy your time in the deserts.

Requiring a long needed holiday? Qrated World offers a wide range of tour packages for your ultimate trip.

Capture The Memories In Style

With a desert photoshoot with Qrated World, you’ll get the opportunity to look picture-perfect in a stunning desert setting. You’ll be taken on a wildlife drive across the desert, as well as a beautiful Dubai Desert Photoshoot supervised by a professional photographer.

For guests from all over the world, Qrated World combines the romance and tradition of the 1950s with today’s high-tech conveniences. Qrated Arabian Desert Safari drive in vintage Land Rovers, dune off-road adventure, 1-hour Falconry viewing, Wildlife drive with a Vintage Jeep, Camel rides to the 1920s vintage Bedouin camp for camping, relaxing at a date farm, and authentic traditional dinner are all included in the desert photoshoot experience.

You’ll be treated like royalty in a 1950s vintage 4×4 Land Rover desert safari, speeding across the beautiful dunes while chasing the sunset with a drone in hand. This premium Qrated Outpost & Signature Team Adventure is only open to the privileged and elite.

This 8-hour touring package is desirable for both a family photoshoot as well as a couple’s photoshoot in the desert.

Romantic Desert Adventure

Dubai’s magnificent dunes have a lot to offer to enthusiastic desert explorers. Many travellers’ dreams may include a relaxing dune drive deep into the desert, followed by a romantic night under the stars. This luxurious vacation will be an excellent chance to escape from your busy professional life and immerse yourself in the serenity of a historical desert while living like a Bedouin. It is, without a doubt, a romantic desert safari for those who are passionate about gazing at a vast sky full with glittering stars while being far removed from the contriving city flares.

Initiate your lavish private tour in Dubai by having a professional driver pick you up in a private 4X4 Land Cruiser from your home or hotel. You’ll arrive in the desert Margham area near SkyDive, Dubai, after an hour of adrenaline-pumping riding across massive and spectacular sand dunes.

In convoy with a front-runner buggy and a backup crew, you may enjoy an exhilarating self-drive through Dubai’s spectacular sand dunes. Later, we’ll head to a secluded boho-chic-style setting for an unforgettable Desert Dinner. You can relax in style at your own private setup of our Boho-chic style picnic, which has been arranged just for you.

The evening commences with a delectable sharing-style lunch featuring a variety of salads and meats served under the stars with music tailored to your desires.

We’ll return to the hotel by 23:00 hours after dinner, as requested by the guests. It’s the perfect time to bid farewell to the lustrous beach and magnificent star-lit sky that has provided so many great memories. This could be one of the most memorable Desert Safari Private Tours you’ll ever undertake.

The evening commences with a delectable sharing-style lunch featuring a variety of salads and meats served under the stars with music tailored to your desires.

We’ll return to the hotel by 23:00 hours after dinner, as requested by the guests. It’s the perfect time to bid farewell to the lustrous beach and magnificent star-lit sky that has provided so many great memories. This could be one of the most memorable Desert Safari Private Tours you’ll ever undertake.

Private Astronomy and Night Safari

One always wants to make their spouse feel special, especially when it’s a special event, or spend quality time with them and pamper them before proposing. It’s time to check out our bespoke private night in Dubai’s deserts, one of the world’s most culturally sophisticated cities. With an expert conservation guide and an Astronomer, ride in elegance in a classic 1950s Land Rover, a car lover’s dream.

To make the night safari experience even more memorable, watch a beautiful sunset with your companion. Explore the desert at night with torches on a nature drive in the Dubai Desert Conservation Reserve, looking for Arabian gazelles and other native animals. There’s a chance you’ll run into a rare Desert Fox or the mesmerising desert eagle owl Take a trip with your spouse under UV lights to seek for small desert critters such as scorpions, beetles, and several types of lizards. This may give you the sensation of being on an Arabian Nights desert tour in Dubai.

Nothing beats a serene Dubai Desert night spent stargazing far away from the city’s distractions. We then travel to an open-air Bedouin camp lit by torches, where we will spend the evening relaxing in an Arabic Majlis while smoking shisha. Enjoy a three-course lunch with a variety of main dish options. On-demand vegetarian, vegan, kosher, and gluten-free meals are also available.

Go on an Astronomy Experience with your spouse, learning about the stars of Arabia as your personal astronomer teaches you about the history of astronomy and the vast legacy of the Bedouins’ reliance on the stars for storytelling and navigation. Learn the basics of Astrophotography and gaze through a telescope at fascinating night sky phenomena such as Jupiter, the huge planet.

Kids Just Wanna Have Fun!

Children are always looking for something new to try, and keeping them entertained can be a difficult challenge at times. Bring them along on an adventure with us—a fun-filled sleepover in the desert. There are many things they can participate in, but here are a few ideas that can be tailored to your children’s preferences:

Anytime is a good moment to read a book or share a story! Reading to youngsters fosters brain development and creativity, as well as the development of vocabulary and emotions. Many of life’s most important lessons can be learned through stories. Storytelling is a participatory activity; stories like Pirates of Arabia, the Magic Book, and Aladdin will ignite the children’s curiosity.

They could teach us a thing or two. Sandboarding What could be more enjoyable than gliding down a ridge on a board? The ideal place to sandboard is in the desert. Desert landscapes are good for it, with varying heights and slopes. The kids will have a blast sliding down sand dunes of various heights.

Rides on camels This is self-explanatory; youngsters are typically intrigued by animals, and they will undoubtedly like travelling on the back of the desert ship.Treasure Hunting is a game in which youngsters work together to find hidden treasures or compete against one another. They follow a map or solve riddles to find the prizes.

Pyjama Bash It’s time for the Pyjama Party, with all the kids lounging inside the tent playing board games and telling stories after a full day of enjoyable activities.

Kids learn how to build a fire from the ground up.

A youngster may be accompanied by one parent to the event.

Return In Time

On your journey to Dubai, the Ultimate Heritage Desert Dinner and Safari is a must-do excursion. Begin your award-winning desert safari in Dubai. Become a part of history and get to know the desert like you’ve never seen it before.

You’ll spend 6 hours with your experienced Conservation Guide exploring the true charm of Dubai Desert Conservation Drive. Visit Bedouin camps and learn about their culture. Learn about the various types of wildlife that may be found in the desert, including popular species such as the Arabian Oryx, gazelle, grey wolves, and falcons. Relax with a tasty Emirati supper and scented shisha in the evening.

This tour includes a Desert Conservation Drive as well as a visit to the Heritage Village, which includes a local museum with a remarkable collection of Emirati antiques and traditional residences. Before returning to the city, you’ll be able to sample Emirati food at real Arab restaurants and enjoy an incredible evening of entertainment with traditional performances such as Yola and Drumming.

Embark on a one-of-a-kind desert safari in the United Arab Emirates, where you can enjoy falconry and birds of prey in an exclusive and one-of-a-kind desert safari at our Dubai Desert Conservation Reserve. We’ve worked hard to ensure that the wonder and heritage of this valuable wildlife setting are respected and conserved, allowing you to experience the true beauty of the desert. This programme promises to be a fascinating evening for people of all ages!

Spend an evening in an actual Bedouin camp (at an additional fee), where you’ll explore the desert with your family and friends at sunset.Travel back in time on a Dubai desert safari, where you’ll have the opportunity to interact with species in their natural environment. Our Conservation team will take you on an educational journey through the Dubai Desert Conservation Drive, where you will learn about the Bedouins who formerly lived there. Then sit behind ancient stone buildings and enjoy a genuine Emirati supper.

Revel In Serenity

A one-of-a-kind desert experience suited for friends and family. Indulge in a real desert adventure in Dubai by visiting our Private Desert Camp. Enjoy sandboarding, volleyball, and archery, as well as an astonishing falcon display, before seeing a desert fire show and belly dancers, as well as other fascinating live entertainment. Relax with a cup of coffee or tea before taking a camel ride through the desert.

We vow to take you along a less-travelled path. The tour will begin with our 4×4 vehicles taking you into the desert, followed by the camp’s Bedouin hospitality, an interesting soft adventure programme, and finally, the trip’s highlight – watching nature at sunset.

Our camp, which is surrounded by infinite dunes and overlooks the majestic royal desert, will allow you to relax in hammocks or under a massive Bedouin tent. While the sun sets over the desert, prepare for a night of fun enjoyed with friends over a delicious seasonal menu made by our expert chef.

Visit desert rose for a once-in-a-lifetime excursion and to unwind in style.

Cinema In The Desert

It’s the ideal time to go outside now that the weather is cooling down. Movie enthusiasts may have an unearthly experience in the lap of nature at Qrated World, where they can view the latest releases beneath the stars and enjoy an otherworldly experience in the lap of nature.

Dune bashing, sandboarding, and camel trekking on the desert’s shimmering sands are included in the package. After an evening of action, you may relax and unwind with your family while watching a movie of your choice. Seating, decorations, projector, screen, speakers, blankets, cushions, a collection of your favourite movies, popcorn, snacks, coffee, and water are all included in the cinema setup.

You can choose from a variety of food and beverage options, including salt or caramel popcorn, fresh juice or soda, and even a box of your favourite cookies. The menu features a wide variety of sweet and savoury appetisers, including burgers, pizza, and desserts. Guests can also order food and beverages from the comfort of their seats, thanks to the presence of waiters.

For a totally immersive and exhilarating big-screen experience, the outdoor theatre is equipped with the best visual technology and surround sound. Movies for all ages are shown, ranging from heartwarming animations for children to riveting horror films for thrill seekers.

It’s the ideal way to cap off a day filled with activities and adventures.

My Adventure Bucket List

Through our Sunset Motorbike Trips Dubai package, Qrated World offers fully supported off-road guided or self-directed motorbike tours. Our team will pick you up from your hotel in the heart of Dubai and prepare you for a day of riding around the Al Qudra lakes on the outskirts of the city. The journey lasts about 5 hours throughout the day and emphasises the grandeur of Dubai while illuminating some of the UAE’s most magnificent natural features.

Your lead bike driver will provide a briefing on the Al Qudra cycle track and how to manage the bike as part of the Bike Tours Dubai Package. The lead bike will meet you in Dubai city centre with your chosen motorcycle and hand over the keys. Then you ride out of town to the desert and the Al Qudra lakes on light gravel or more difficult surface roads to your backcountry experience. Before a convoy returning to Dubai city, an informal meal is held at one of the small restaurants along the shoreline.

Sunset Motorbike Tours Dubai allows you to experience the enjoyment and freedom of riding a motorcycle at sunset. We choose a new destination every day, whether it’s the breathtaking sights at Al Qudra Lakes or a journey out into the desert; you’ll be riding through terrains that few people ever see. Your excursion includes the use of motorcycles. At Al Qudra, a full-face helmet and gloves are given, as well as snacks and a casual meal.

The Qrated World trip takes you on a journey into the desert, through the sand dunes, and along winding roads. You’ll be departing from Dubai’s city centre and heading for the Al Qudra Lakes. The lakes provide a beautiful backdrop for a few wonderful shots as well as a welcome break from off-road riding. Although the ride is not timed or competitive, it is strongly advised that you wear full-face helmets and long, knee-length pants.

Dune Buggy Adventure

The sun setting into the mountains of dry red sand on a desert drive in Dubai is known around the world for its tremendous beauty and jaw-dropping views.

Immerse yourself in the best part of travelling Dubai with our Qrated World experience: adrenaline-pumping dune buggy rides through Dubai’s deserts. This package also includes a companion for you to enjoy the ride with. Take pictures, make memories, and feel the rush of excitement as you drive for the first time in your life.

To make this journey even more thrilling, Qrated World will provide a secluded, comfortable, and pleasant refuge for you and your plus one, where you and your companion will enjoy an exquisite teatime together. Any Arabic adventure would be incomplete without some Shisha, so light up your private Shisha while the top-tier Arabian dinner is being cooked and served.

The full transportation of two individuals to and from the desert is included in this Dubai Desert tour. Camels, sandboarding, and a personalised setup to round out the journey. For your safety, backup, and support, our highly experienced and expert convoys will lead the entire journey. Helmets, goggles, and refreshments will be provided for an action-packed, exhilarating event.

A disclaimer will be required of all participants who take advantage of this package.

Final Words

A safari or camelback ride is a must-do on any trip to Dubai. Qrated World offers a wide array of packages and tours to choose from, with something for everyone. Call us today to organise your desert trip and book your very own tour package to create lifelong memories!

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