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Unique Desert Experiences In Dubai

Dubai, laden with tourist attractions, has been a major tourist hub for a long time, mainly favored for its luxury shopping, ultramodern architecture, and lively nightlife scene in the UAE. The Cosmopolitan Metropolis has the second most five-star hotels in the world. Dubai lies amid the Arabian Desert. Dubai’s landscapes are accentuated by sandy and gravel deserts that dominate a good amount of the country’s southern region, which is the main tourist attraction as well.



Hassle-Free Travel

Traveling by air is easy and provides a simple route, Dubai airport being the major air travel gateway in the UAE and served by several major airlines including Emirates Airlines. Direct flights link Dubai to many big cities like LA, Mumbai, Paris, Hong Kong among many others. The best time for visiting would have to be during the winters when the hot arid region has a moderately cooler temperature the better to enjoy your time in the deserts.



Planning a tour? Qrated World has numerous diverse tour packages for your perfect vacation. Here’s a list of Qrated World’s some of the finest and most opulent tour packages to make your vacation an otherworldly experience-

Capture The Memories In Style

Desert Photo Shoots

In the desert photoshoot with Qrated World, we provide you the chance to appear picture-perfect in an exceedingly beautiful desert. You’ll be taken on a wildlife drive to experience reality within the desert and a perfect Dubai Desert Photoshoot hosted by an expert photographer.



Qrated World merges the romance and tradition of the 1950s with today’s high-tech facilities, for travelers from around the world. The desert photoshoot experience contains Qrated Arabian Desert Safari drive in vintage land rovers, dune off-road adventure, Falconry viewing of 1-hour duration, Wildlife drive with a Vintage Jeep, Camel rides to the 1920s vintage Bedouin camp for camping, relaxing at a date farm, and authentic traditional dinner.

You will be driven in an exceedingly very stylish 1950s vintage 4×4 Land Rover desert safari, flying over the gorgeous dunes at high speed, chasing the sunset with a drone in hand. The privileged and elite are invited to affix this exclusive Qrated Outpost & Signature Team Adventure.

Whether you’re looking for a family photoshoot or a couple of photoshoot in the desert, this 8-hour tour package will be perfect for both.

Recommendations From Love Guru

Romantic Desert Adventure-

The dazzling dunes of Dubai have a lot to offer to passionate desert explorers. A relaxed dune drive deep within the desert with an experience of spending a romantic night under the stars may be a dream of many adventure lovers. This lavish experience will be a perfect choice to get away from your busy work life into the solitude of a historical desert while experiencing an absolute Bedouin lifestyle. Unquestionably, it’s a romantic desert safari for the individuals who are passionate to gaze upon an enormous sky filled with gleaming stars while being far away from the contriving city flares.



Commence your extravagant private tour from your residence or your hotel in Dubai, where a professional driver will pick you up in a private 4X4 Land Cruiser. After an hour of an adrenaline-pumping ride across giant and dazzling sand dunes, you’ll reach the desert Margham area near Sky Dive, Dubai.

You can enjoy an exhilarating self-drive over the magnificent sand dunes of Dubai in convoy with a front-runner buggy and a backup team. Later, we’ll proceed towards a private boho-chic style setup for a memorable Desert Dinner. You can enjoy comfortable seating at your private setup of our Boho-chic style picnic prepared exclusively for you.

The evening begins with a delicious sharing-style meal with various kinds of salads and meats served between the star-lit skies, amid music tailored to your liking.

After dinner, we are going to drive back to the hotel as per the guest’s request by 23:00 hours. It’s an ideal time to say goodbye to the fulgurous sand and sumptuous star-lit sky with many unforgettable memories. This may be one of the best Desert Safari Private Tours you’ll ever have in your entire lifetime.



Private Astronomy And Night Safari-

One always wants to make their partner feel special, especially when it’s a momentous occasion, or may want to spend quality time and pamper them before popping the big question. It’s time to check out our bespoke private night within the deserts of Dubai, one of the most culturally affluent cities. Get driven in style in a vintage 1950s Land Rover, a car lover’s dream with an expert conservation guide and Astronomer.

Watch a gorgeous sunset along with your partner to make the night safari experience even more remarkable. Explore the desert at nighttime with torches on a nature drive through the Dubai Desert Conservation Reserve, searching for the varied indigenous wildlife like Arabian gazelles. There’s an opportunity you’ll come upon a rare Desert Fox or the captivating desert eagle owl. Take your partner and opt for a walk with UV lights and look for the small desert creatures like scorpions, beetles, and various kinds of lizards. This may provide you with the paramount feel of the Arabian Nights desert safari Dubai.



Nothing is more relaxing than enjoying a peaceful Dubai Desert night and stargazing far away from the city noises. We then reach a torch-lit open-air Bedouin camp to spend the evening relaxing in Arabic Majlis with shisha. Enjoy a three-course meal with numerous options for the main dish. Vegetarian, vegan, kosher, gluten-free meals also are available on demand.

Go on an Astronomy Experience along with your spouse stargazing, learning about the stars of Arabia while your private astronomer tells you about the history of astronomy and also the prodigious legacy of the Bedouin’s dependence on the stars for telling the stories and navigation. Learn the fundamentals of Astrophotography and gaze through a telescope at captivating night sky phenomena like the mighty planet Jupiter and its four Galilean Moons, distant galaxies, and star-forming nebula.

This is an exclusive Private night safari within the Dubai desert and also the celestial journey occurs in the heart of a private Royal desert retreat!

Kids Just Wanna Have Fun!

Sleepover In Desert For The Little Ones-

Children are always searching for something to try and do, and interesting them constantly may prove to be a challenging task sometimes. Take them out for a bit of adventure with us—a fun-filled sleepover within the desert. There are numerous activities they can do, but here are some suggestions that may be customized to your children’s preferences:

  • Story Telling Anytime could be a great time to read a book or tell a story! Reading and storytelling to children encourage brain growth and creativity and therefore the development of vocabulary and emotions. Stories help us with learning many of life’s most vital lessons. Storytelling is an interactive activity, stories just like the Pirates of Arabia, the Magic Book, Aladdin will keep the kids interested, and they may learn a lesson or two from them.
  • Sandboarding What more may be fun than sliding down a ridge on a board. Sandboarding is best done in the desert. The landscape in deserts is ideal for it, with different heights and slopes. The youngsters will have a blast sliding on all different heights of sand dunes.




  • Camel Rides This pretty much is self-explanatory; animals usually fascinate children, and they will certainly love riding on the back of the ship of the desert.
  • Treasure Hunt It is a game where children seek hidden treasures in a team or compete against one another. They hunt for the treasures by following a map or solving riddles.
  • Pajama Party After an entire day of fun activities, it’s time for Pajama Party, all the kids sitting within the tent playing board games telling stories.
  • Kids learn the way to create a fire by scratch
  • One Parent can accompany a child to join.


Return In Time

Heritage Dinner Safari-

The Ultimate Heritage Desert Dinner and Safari is a must-try activity on your Dubai trip. Commence the foremost awarded desert safari in Dubai. Be a part of history and know the desert like never before.

Along with your professional Conservation Guide, you’ll spend 6 hours discovering the true charm of Dubai Desert Conservation Drive. Visit Bedouin camps and study their way of life. Be educated on the assorted varieties of wildlife within the desert, including popular species like Arabian Oryx, gazelle, gray wolves, and falcons. Ease into the evening with a delicious Emirati dinner and aromatic shisha.

With this tour, you’ll enjoy a Desert Conservation Drive together with a visit to the Heritage Village which features a neighborhood Museum with an astonishing display of Emirati artifacts and traditional houses. You’ll even be able to taste Emirati cuisine at authentic Arab eateries and have an exquisite evening of entertainment with traditional performances like Yola and Drumming before heading back to the town.



Embark on a singular and unforgettable desert experience in U.A.E. and luxuriate in falconry and birds of prey in an exclusive and one-of-a-kind desert safari at our Dubai Desert Conservation Reserve. We’ve worked hard to make sure that we respect and conserve the wonder and heritage of this precious wildlife setting, allowing you to enjoy the real wonder of the desert. This program makes for a memorable evening that’s bound to excite all ages!

Open your door to the world of travel and spend an evening in an authentic Bedouin camp (additional cost), where you’ll explore the desert together with your family and friends at sunset. Travel back in time to experience a Dubai desert safari, with the prospect to interact with the wildlife in their natural habitat. Traveling as they did, our Conservation staff will take you on an enriching drive through the Dubai Desert Conservation Drive – you’ll study the Bedouins who once lived there. Then ease into an authentic Emirati dinner while sitting under ancient stone structures.

Revel In Serenity

Nara Desert Experience-

A unique experience within the desert perfect for friends and family. Enter our Private Desert Camp and luxuriate in an authentic desert experience in Dubai. Enjoy games and activities like sandboarding, volleyball, and archery, and watch an impressive falcon show before experiencing a desert fire show and belly dancers, and more exciting live entertainment. Ensure to relax with coffee and tea before taking a brief ride through the desert on a camel.



We promise to lead you on a road less traveled. The journey will begin with our 4×4 vehicles that take you into the desert; accompanied by the camp with its Bedouin hospitality; followed by an exciting soft adventure program; and eventually, the highlight of your trip – observing nature at sunset.

Surrounded by endless dunes, our camp overlooks the magnificent royal desert, and you’ll be able to unwind in hammocks or under a mammoth Bedouin tent. Prepare for a night of fun shared with friends over a delicious seasonal menu prepared by our resident chef while the sun sets over the desert.

Pop over for an adventure of a lifetime and relax in flair at desert rose. Our camp is nestled deep within the heart of Dubai’s desert, so forget your stresses and let your worries dissolve as you sleep under the stars. Contact us today and experience the magic of our desert adventure.

Cinema In The Desert

With temperature cooling, it’s the perfect time to head outdoors. Qrated World offers you an opportunity to enjoy movies under the stars, where movie buffs can watch the latest flicks under the stars and enjoy an otherworldly experience in the lap of nature.

The package includes the thrills of dune bashing, sandboarding, and camel trekking on the gleaming sands of the desert. After an evening of adventure, you can sit back and recuperate with a movie of your choice and spend some quality with the family. The cinema setup includes seating, decorations, projector, screen, speakers, blankets, cushions, a collection of your preferred movies, popcorn, snacks, coffee, and water.



You get numerous food and beverage options to select from, be it a choice of salt or caramel popcorn, fresh juice or soda, and even a box of your favorite cookies. For the snacks, the menu has been packed with all kinds of sweet and savory items including burgers, pizza, and desserts. There are also waiters around, so the guests can sit back and order their food and beverages from the comfort of their seats.

The outdoor cinema is equipped with the best visual technology and surround sound for a fully immersive and exhilarating big-screen experience. Movies for all age groups are screened, from heart-melting animations for the little ones to gripping horror flicks for the thrill-seekers. It’s the perfect end to a day full of activities and adventures.

My Adventure Bucket List

Sunset Motorbike Tours-

At Qrated World we provide fully supported off-road guided or self-guided motorbike tours through our Sunset Motorbike Tours Dubai package. Our team will pick you up from your accommodation in Dubai city center and prepare you for your day riding around the Al Qudra lakes on the outskirts of Dubai. The tour takes around 5 hours during the day and illuminates a number of the UAE’s most spectacular natural features and highlights the grandeur of Dubai.

The Bike Tours Dubai Package starts with a short briefing on the Al Qudra cycle track and the way to control the bike; this will be conducted by your lead bike driver. The lead bike will meet you together with your choice of motorbike at Dubai city center and hand over the keys. You then ride out of the city towards the desert and Al Qudra lakes over light gravel or more hard surface roads to your backcountry adventure. An informal dinner is then had at one of the local restaurants by the lakeshore before a convoy back to Dubai city.



Experience the joys and freedom of the Sunset Motorbike tours Dubai. On a daily basis we elect a new destination, be it the spectacular views at Al Qudra Lakes or a ride out into the desert; you’re riding in terrains that few people ever get to see. Motorbikes are provided as a part of your tour. A full-face helmet and gloves are provided together with refreshments and a casual dinner at Al Qudra.

The Qrated World tour takes you on some captivating desert trails through the sandy dunes and up the windy roads. You’ll be riding out from Dubai city center, towards the Al Qudra Lakes. The lakes are an ideal view for a few great photos and a pleasant break from off-road riding. The ride is neither timed nor competitive, but it’s strongly recommended that you wear full-face helmets and long trousers to cover your knees.

Dune Buggy Adventure-

Desert drives in Dubai are literally known around the globe for their immense beauty and jaw-dropping landscapes, the sun setting into the mountains of dry red sand.

In this experience by Qrated World, immerse yourself in the better part of touring Dubai; Adrenaline-Packed dune buggy drives within the Deserts of Dubai. This package includes a plus one for you to enjoy this drive with as well. Take pictures, make memories, and feel the adrenaline kicking in while having the drive of your life.



To make this experience more exciting for you, Qrated World ends this tour by arranging a private, comfortable, and cozy retreat for you and your plus one, where you’ll enjoy an intricate teatime together with your partner. Any Arabic Adventure is complete without some Shisha within the mix, so while the top-tier Arabian meal is being prepared and served, stoke on your private Shisha.

This Dubai Desert trip includes the entire transport of two people to and from the desert. Fun camel rides, sandboarding, and a customized setup to finish the tour with. Our highly experienced and professional convoys will lead the entire journey for your safety, backup, and assistance. We’ll cover an action-packed, electrifying experience with helmets, goggles, and drinks. All the participants availing of this package will need to sign a disclaimer.

Final Words

A trip to Dubai is incomplete without a safari or camelback ride. Qrated World provides you a wide variety of packages to pick from and has a tour for everyone. To plan your desert adventure call us and book your very own tour package to make everlasting memories today!

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