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Best Time To Visit Dubai – A Month-On-Month Guide To Visiting Dubai

A Month-by-Month Guide to Visiting Dubai When you visit Dubai, you’ll have plenty of options when it comes to choosing what to do and when to do it. You can even time your trip with one of the city’s many world-class events, like the Dubai Jazz Festival or Dubai Shopping Festival, to maximize your stay and get a great deal on tickets while you’re at it.

So whether you’re visiting Dubai on business or pleasure, there’s never been a better time than now to see this amazing city with the whole family and have an incredible time while you’re at it! January in Dubai In January, the weather is tropical. The lowest would be approximately 25 degrees Celsius while the highest can be 31 degrees Celsius. Both rain and fog can commonly occur in January. There is little you can do to prepare for them but if it rains, seek cover fast as it can pour hard and speedily , but tends to clear quickly.

February in Dubai February’s the wettest month of the year but there’s still not much rain. It can sometimes feel like you’re in the desert in Dubai, and that’s because technically you are. … Temperatures can become quite cool at night time in February, while you’ll find the humidity okay and rain and cloudy weather is not very likely. If you have been aching for some great beach days, then April could be a good time to visit. But with higher than average temperatures it’s probably best to have your sunscreen packed!

The city may even experience one or two cyclones from these tropical storms making afternoon thunderstorms more common as well. March in Dubai Dubai is a very dry place and it experiences a hot and humid climate throughout the year except during the winter months. One can experience the best weather in Dubai in March as it is very cool. April in Dubai April is humid in Dubai as summer arrives. There’s 10 hours of sunshine every day and average temperatures range between 22⁰C and 34⁰C with increased humidity and very little rain expected.

Sea temperatures rise – great for swimming and spending time on the beach. Most airlines sell the cheapest tickets at this time of year. May in Dubai If you visit in May, you should make sure to drink plenty of water, apply lots of sunscreen, and avoid the sun during the midday hours. The average high in Dubai is 37ºC in May, and temperatures stay warm in the evenings which only cool to 23ºC. June in Dubai June is a good time to visit Dubai if you are traveling on a budget since hotels and sightseeing tours are much cheaper during this time.

Transportations and flights are also less expensive compared to to peak times. July in Visiting Dubai Although Dubai is hot all year round, July is one of the two hottest months of the year, with temperatures reaching as high as 40 degrees Celsius. overnight, temperatures stay high at around 29 degrees. Although it’s quite dry during the summer months, the humidity is through the roof. August in Dubai It’s hotter than July in Dubai, with high daytime temperatures around 41°C/105°F. That day’s high usually sinks down to 31°C/87°F in the evening.

Humidity and rainfall are at low levels, and the sea’s a warm 33°C/92°F so you can comfortably swim in it. September in Dubai The average temperature in September is still very hot at 33°C. There’s a huge gap in temperature between the summer months and the cold season, with the warm season in Dubai typically lasting from May 18th until September 25th. October in Dubai Temperatures usually remain at around 25-35 degrees Celsius and it will remain dry with plenty of heat. However, don’t be concerned about some hot days.

There is no shortage of air-conditioned places to keep yourself cool. November in Dubai The November weather is pleasant, the temperature in Dubai varies between 20 °C and 31 °C, and humidity is low. Additionally, the temperature of the sea in Dubai in November is 27 degrees Celsius which is quite hot. It’s possible to enjoy other activities too, like surfing. December in Dubai Dubai is lovely in December when it’s warm but not so scorching hot as it is in the summer months. The average high is 26 degrees Celsius and the average low is 16 degrees Celsius. Also, there are many celebrations and festivities that take place during this time of the year.

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