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UAE residents are always in a lucky and unique position as there is always so much to do, discover, enjoy at their doorstep right here in this magnificent country. From a variety of different styles of staycations from desert resports, privste pool villas, adventure resorts like Atlantis The Palm, Dubai residents here are spoilt for choice without even taking a flight. However, if a new destination is on the mind, Dubai is strategically located to some of the most sought after holiday destinations of the world. The most popular places, especially in these unprecedented times, for residents to travel to are the Maldives, Seychelles and Georgia.

Dubai is known for 2 things. One, a rich and inspiring history and culture which it tirelessly tries to retain and keep at the forefront of the discerning traveller’s mind. Two, out of the box thinking, innovation and future resilience in all key industries it is involved in. From hospitality to architecture, Dubai is years ahead of the other cities in the world and hence it is on track to be the Best City in the World by 2040.

Dubai is one of the safest cities in the world for residents and tourists alike. The infrastructure of Dubai and the culture are the two key elements in establishing its safety.

Dubai is a very flexible destination. You can explore Dubai and all it has to offer on a budget as the infrastructure of public transport allows that. Similarly, the city is apt for any budget level to offer a truly memorable holiday. From a variety of hotels in all budget levels to activities and things to do that don’t break the bank. On the other hand, Dubai is the ultimate bucket list destination of the world so if you are not strapped for cash and want a holiday of a lifetime, Dubai is the best place for it and Qrated World is the best team to organise that for you.

This totally depends on the budget you can allocate towards your holiday in Dubai. From budget-friendly hotels to decadent palace-like resorts, Dubai has it all. A 7-day trip taking into accommodation, meals and activities would be quite varied depending on your choice of hotels. Qrated World can customise a bespoke package based on your budget and preferences and tailor the entire holiday to you.

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